Jesse Stiles - The Target Museum

A record of hazmat pop songs written by Jesse Stiles during an unexpected professional detour - shooting forensic videography inside a destroyed skyscraper.  The Target Museum was recorded on a former military base in Wendover, Utah and various parts of India.  The Target Museum features lyrical collaborations with Jesse Ball and is supported by videos co-directed by Stiles & Olivia Robinson as well as a startling "music video game" by Molleindustria.

The Target Museum was manifested in 2010 by Specific Recordings as a gorgeous, limited-edition vinyl picturedisc.

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Music Video Game:

Inside a Dead Skyscraper by Molleindustria - A music video game for "The Building" by Jesse Stiles

"Inside a Dead Skyscraper" - a Music Video Game for "The Building" created by Molleindustria


Video for "The Building" by Jesse Stiles & Olivia Robinson. Cinematography by Jim Finn.

Music video for Autoautomatic from "The Target Museum." Directed/produced/edited by Olivia Robinson & Jesse Stiles. Music by Jesse Stiles, lyrics by Jesse Ball & Jesse Stiles. Filmed in New Delhi, India.