Behold my army of robotic toy pianos.

Professing at CMU

Whoa hey, your Jesse Stiles is now a professor in the School of Music at Carnegie Mellon University.  See yinz in Pittsburgh!

EIS at Whitney Biennial

The 2014 Whitney Biennial will feature Pauline Oliveros' Deep Listening Room, a sound installation powered by her Expanded Instrument System (EIS).  EIS has been in continuous development since 1965 - the current version exists as software created in the Max programming environment.  I have been part of the programming team working on EIS since 2005 or so, and am thrilled to see this innovative sound processing system featured at the Whitney.

Modern Lovers

Behold!  Modern Lovers was a site-specific installation that I created with Olivia Robinson in the Ancient Roman Stadium of Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

Recreating "Imaginary Landscape No.1"

Here is a video about a very old sine wave that your Jesse Stiles painstakingly re-created and pressed on wax.

Modern Lovers (frieze)

Hello! Your Jesse Stiles is currently in Bulgaria, creating an installation in the The Stadium of Philippopolis.  The piece, which I am making in collaboration with Olivia Robinson, is called Modern Lovers.  Modern Lovers is a blinking, beeping sculpture made from wood, paper, televisions, light, and action movies, depicting the Emperor Hadrian and his "favorite man" Antinous.  Here is one of the videos that plays inside the sculpture.  Thank you.

Upcoming performances with Meredith Monk, Joan La Barbara, Jessye Norman, and the New World Symphony

I'm thrilled to be performing in the New World Symphony's upcoming John Cage festival "Making the Right Choices."  On February 8, I will be performing a duet with Meredith Monk (Aria with Fontana Mix)!  On February 9, I'm performing the electronics in an incredible rendition of Song Books featuring Jessye Norman, Meredith Monk, and Joan La Barbara with stage direction by Yuval Sharon.

A letter to the artist

Your Jesse Stiles has produced a sophisticated video essay on metacriticism in new media.


It has been an honor to create the score for not one, not three, but SIX games by the radical game design group Molleindustria.  The latest, Unmanned, has been receiving plenty of internet love for its thoughtful presentation of issues in America's ongoing use of unmanned aerial vehicles (a.k.a. drones) to kill human beings all over the world, amongst other things.  Unmanned also recently took home the bacon at the 2012 Games for Change awards, winning both Best Gameplay and the Knight New Game award.  Play Unmanned here.

Cat Mazza's Knit for Defense at the Smithsonian

I was thrilled to create the sound-score for Cat Mazza's brilliant Knit for Defense.  Knit for Defense was acquired by the Smithsonian for their permanent collection and will be on display at the Smithsonian American Art Museum’s Renwick Gallery from July 20, 2012 – February 3, 2013.

Your Jesse Stiles performing at Carnegie Hall!

I am very excited to be joining the San Francisco Symphony as a soloist in their groundbreaking American Mavericks series.

Exit Planet Cunningham

It was nearly two years ago that I joined forces with the Merce Cunningham Dance Company to embark upon their precedent-setting Legacy Tour as the company's Music Coordinator. One hundred and eighty-four performances later, we took our final bows at the Park Avenue Armory in New York City.

New tour-only LP for Merce Cunningham Dance Company

I'm thrilled to have a new piece of mine, "Scutopus ventrolineatus," included on a limited edition LP available at the remaining performances of the Merce Cunningham Company.

"The Ruined Map" available from on vinyl

At long last, "The Ruined Map" by Technical Drawings is available in the US of A, right here at your  Act now while supplies last!  For those of you just tuning in, "The Ruined Map" is an album of prepared-piano electronica by yours truly and Melissa St. Pierre.  Yes!

Behold! The Deathworks of May Elizabeth Kramner

Behold!  The Deathworks of May Elizabeth Kramner - a mixed media installation by The Poyais Group (Jesse Ball, Thordis Bjornsdottir, Olivia Robinson, & Jesse Stiles).


Technical Drawings: "The Ruined Map" - Out now!

"The Ruined Map," the debut LP from Technical Drawings (yours truly, and Melissa St. Pierre) is out now form Gagarin Records!  

"Music for a Sonic Bed" at Issue Project Room

I've created a multichannel sound installation for the Sonic Bed at Issue Project Room (designed by Kaffe Mathews).

Inside a Dead Skyscraper

Inside a Dead Skyscraper is a "Music Video Game" (i.e. a non-linear music video) by Molleindustria for my song The Building (from The Target Museum - OUT NOW!).  It's both shocking and shockingly awesome - I'm thrilled to have my music graced by the minds of these visionary, troublemaking geeks.

The Target Museum - Out Now!

Holy shwack, The Target Museum is out! You can get the gorgeous, limited edition Picturedisc issued by Specific Recordings right here at (includes free, instant MP3s), or get digital-only for a price of your choosing. RAWESOME.

Shows in July

I'll be doing three performances in July, I hope to see your glorious and multifaceted faces at one or more of these fine events:

Jesse on ASS Radio

Joanna Spitzner from the newly launched webstation, ASS (Art School Sound) Radio stopped by Automatic Speleology earlier this week to rap about algorithmic art, synaesthetic hooha, computers the size of toolsheds, and other pressing issues of our times.  The interview is online here.  Groovy!

All kids love Automatic Speleology

Only two more weeks to catch Automatic Speleology at the Warehouse Gallery! The final day to experience the installation will be Friday, May 28 and I'll be closing the show with a live performance featuring Curtis Bahn on Saturday May 29 at 7PM.  Every performance I've ever done with Curtis has been an epic occurrence so I'm superexcited for this.

The Harmonic Center of the Universe - LIVE LIVE LIVE

Holy smokes, The Harmonic Center of the Universe is coming to NYC for a special one-night-only performance in Roulette's Mixology Festival.  Monday, May 10, 2005.  MP3 preview after the jump.

Technical Drawings in this month's Wire Tapper

YO.  Me and Melissa St. Pierre's electroacoustic neoclassical rocktronica duo Technical Drawings is featured in this month's Wire Tapper CD, on shelves NOW - act now while supplies last!  Our debut LP is forthcoming later this year on Gagarin Records.  Groovy!

New infoblast has been blasted

Yet another JESSE STILES SUPER-OFFICIAL NEWS-INFORMATION-BLAST has just gone out the door with TONS of red hot information about new shows, performances, records, & cetera.

Solo show at The Warehouse Gallery

My first-ever solo gallery show will be up at The Warehouse Gallery March 9 - May 29, 2010.  This is going to be a big show, a colossal collection of photons and soundwaves colliding kaleidoscopically. 

The films of Jim Finn at MoMA

MoMA will be hosting an evening of film's by my esteemed colleague Jim Finn.

The Harmonic Center of the Universe has been fix-o-fied

The Harmonic Center of the Universe was nearly destroyed in a freakish thunderstorm that stuck during a public exhibition in May, 2009.  Chris, Olivia and Jesse have restored the sculpture and documentation is now available for this fine piece of generative art.

Every day the same dream

I was superthrilled to provide the music for Molleindustria's amazing, beautiful-horrible new game Every day the same dream.  I apologize in advance for any psychic trauma that may be incurred. is go

your very own has a glorious new face, and i certainly hope you enjoy it.  many thanks to olivia robinson and paolo pedercini who helped improve overall awesomeness.